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Splix.io Discord Server and Channel

An online multiplayer game, Splix.io demands that you conquer the maximum amount of land possible and turn into the biggest possible player in the game. The game can be played in two different ways – Normal Mode and Team Mode. The Splix.io discord opens up the doors for you to chat with others that you team up with as friends, and play the game in the Team Mode.

You must grow your own territory by taking over the regions of all enemies and become the winner of the game. Competition is really at the highest level in this online game.

How Can Splix.io Discord Help You Out?

In this game, communication with other players is extremely important when you play it in Team mode. In case you are playing with a number of friends, you may communicate in a special manner with them. The Splix.io discord is how you can do that. There are different chat rooms that may be installed on the website. You can get more power and influence with all such chat rooms. It will be easier for you to get in touch with friends, and have a private chat with them.

splix.io discord

Splix.io Discord Server: Join Discord

How To Play Splix.io?

You can use WASD or the arrow keys to move your player all about. You are safe when you are in your own space, but you leave behind a trail when you leave your space. Once you or anyone hits that trail, he or she dies. Once you return to the area, the blocks you have surrounded will entirely be yours. Keep in mind, however, that those blocks can be stolen back by anybody at any given time. In case you surround some blocks while some other player is still inside, your blocks will not be able to fill the land. Android discord users who want to play the Splix.io game on mobile should check out the Splix.io apk topic.

Do You Really Need the Discord Option?

Yes. If you are playing in Team Mode, it would be more or less indispensable for you. If you wish to play as a friend on the same server or prefer to play on a particular server, you may choose the type of server that you wish to join. Go to the Splix.io website and after the URL address type #, followed by a click on the join button. It is important for you to have a group chat privately with your cluster of friends you have teamed up as. Discord allows you to communicate with your friends who will be a team in splix.io

The Splix.io discord option will help you to discuss the gaming strategies and tactics that you need to follow, in order to top the leaderboard and win the game with flying colors.

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