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Splix.io is a multiplayer game where you are supposed to battle many other players, role-playing as snakes just like you. Your aim is to kill and gobble up all other snakes and grow the largest one in size. You will also need to increase your own territory, move out of your existing territory and return to the territory that is within your control. Make sure that no other player crosses into your land and becomes its ruler. With Splix.io extension, playing the game can be easier for you. The extension gives some special features to the game.

How Can Splix.io Extension Help You?

You can get many cheat codes and hacks with these extensions, which include:

  • Stopping the cell, with mouse scroll
  • Zoom in / out mode
  • Click the logo on the URL bar’s right-hand side to disable the mod and play normally

Never cross the line too much. The more you move away from the base, the less you will get time to come back to your own territory. There will be higher chances of adversaries finding and defeating you.

splix.io extension

Use your space bar to make your snake grow. It can also help you to form a team with various other members. Try to enter the territories of other players and watch out that nobody manages to enter the territory that you have. When you play the game with Splix.io extension, it is essential to avoid bumping into the outlined border that you have, in case it has not solidified yet. Try to form clean rectangles and squares away from your border outline.

What is the Extension for Splix.io Features?

To counter the high competition in the game, many players are looking for the Splix.io extension. The main purpose of this plugin is to give you a few special features. Many Youtubers have taken videos about this plugin and explained how it should be used and its advantages. The features include:

  • Play with friends
  • Press P to stop the motion of players
  • Use mouse scroll to Zoom in / out
  • Ad-free playing experience
  • Brand new UI
  • Reset Zoom
  • Live update

If you wish to use the Splixio mods, you will require the Tampermonkey add-on if you are an Opera or Google Chrome browser user. Mozilla Firefox browser users can add the Greasemonkey extension.

How to Get Rid of Extension?

You can remove it from the extension area of your browser’s settings. Chrome users can visit Splix.io and then right-click on the logo that is there in the URL bar. Click “Remove From Chrome…”. In case that fails to do the trick, visit ‘chrome://extensions’. Search for the extension for Splix.io then hit the trash sign. This can help uninstall the Splix.io extension and remove it from the browser.

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