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Splix.io Game Guide & Controls

Splix.io is an IO game that is about capturing the territories of other players. Basically, this is a role-playing game in which you are supposed to take control of other snakes’ territories and finish them off to emerge as the ultimate survivor. This game is quite fun but it is a game that requires quick thinking and intelligence.

What Are The Basics of Splix.io?

You have to begin with a solid block in Splix.io map. You need to go about growing your own territory by forming “enclosures” and returning to your own solid self. As soon as get back your own dot, the enclosure will get solid. Your goal in the game is quite simple, to have the largest area by destroying other players. The game has 2 different game modes which are normal and teams. Splix.io controls are really easy to manage your character with just mouse movements.

Top 3 Strategies To Win Splix.io

You have to take care that your snake, which you are role-playing as does not bump into itself. When you bump into your outline, you can kill yourself accidentally – in case your outline has not yet transformed into a solid space. Take care to avoid yourself in Splix.io game. You may do this by making clean rectangles and squares away from the thin sized outline. Alternately, attempt to carry it forward after you hit your own fragile self until you get to your own solid block. Just find out whether it is possible to dodge this mishap.


Develop a solid block instantly. In case you are adept with using the cursors already, try creating dual borders to not allow others to ‘kill’ you, while you outline a larger area or square in the process. After the double L-shaped border has been created, enclose the space instantly and transform it into a solid mass.

You need to wait for some time before you pounce on your foes’ borders. Do not panic if you find an adversary coming close to your territory. Wait for the border’s dot / head to slightly move away and instantly dash for the unguarded outline to destroy your opponent.

The trick is to kill your foes before you are killed by them. Then, you have to try and swallow larger territories. You can actually find out the locations of your opponents, as they are going to be of a varied color from your snake. It can be much more convenient for you to trap them, in case they are out to seize some of the blocks that you have.

How Difficult Is The Game?

You must play Splix.io game many times to be successful in this game. This way you can develop your skills in the game and succeed with a better strategy. Unless you have been playing IO survival games for quite some time, the challenges might be a little too much for you. Luckily, there are mods, tips, tricks, unblocked versions, and more to help you.

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