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The Main Splix.io Controls List

Splix.io is an exciting IO game that can be played by multiple players simultaneously. This is not a complex game, but you should have knowledge of all the controls for the same. When any player begins to play it, he is likely to fumble. If you know the control keys in the game well, you will be able to collect more points. Know about some of the most important Splix.io controls.

What Are The Different Splix.io Controls?

The game has pretty straightforward Splix.io controls. But there are a small number of controls that are not known very well to players. You can use the controls which are listed below.

  • Moving Up – W or I
  • Moving Down – S or K
  • Moving to the Left – A or J
  • Moving to the Right – D or L
  • Resuming / stopping the movement of player’ s character – P
  • Toggling leaderboard visibility – O

You can press the Space Button and release it to have a riot of colors for your player. You can let loose a higher burst by pressing the Space Button and holding it down. This ensures that players are not damaged or harmed in any way.

splix.io controls

What Are The Mod Controls for the Game?

When you use mods for Splix.io, you can use your mouse scroll to zoom in / out. It can offer a better sight of the gaming area in the map. Other than this, there is a Stop player movement feature that can help you to stop the movement of your character instantly. This will let you easily escape the attacks of other players. Once you know these controls, your chances of being successful in the game will double. So you can have a larger area and be the first in the game.

How Do You Play Splix.io?

You need to make attempts and annoy the other players by getting into their own territories and encountering them as you attempt to return to your territory. The areas and corners that are near the edges of the map are not filled up with players. Thus, these happen to be safer. If you wish to grow your own territory, you need to move out of your present area and return to the land that you have got under your own control. Make sure that your land is not controlled by any other dot.

While using Splix.io bots, you can get some other Splix.io controls to play the game and win it. If you wish to glow, press the space bar. You may also use it to team up and use other signals in this game. It is essential that you maintain the line on then game screen.

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