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What Are Splix.io Similar Games?

Splix.io is a multiplayer IO game that is all about survival and needs you to pit your wits and tactics against many other players who come as snakes and try to eat you up and take over your territory. You have to capture the territories of other players and try to kill them by touching their line. Are you looking for Splix.io similar games? There are quite a few other games of a similar kind that you can play.

What are the Best Splix.io Similar Games?

These include:

  • Paper.io – In the Paper.io game, you are trying to have the biggest area by fighting the field against many players. In this game, you should not let the enemies steal your space while you are growing your own space.
  • ZombsRoyale.io – It is another IO game and works as Splix.io similar games. This one comes from the developers of Zombs.io and Spinz.io. This is an adrenaline filled, fun Battle Royale game. You can join many other people who love to play ZombsRoyale in their spare time. Your objective in this game is to battle many zombies and emerge as the final survivor.
  • Defly.io – You will need to fly your own helicopter and then target and shoot at your own enemies. You have to construct walls that can keep you safe, and try to lay siege on the maximum amount of territory that you can find. Fill up all the areas to advance the levels, and upgrade your buildings and aircraft.

splix.io similar games

What are Some Similar Eat IO Games?

In some Splix.io online games, you can get the same eat-other-players kind of ambiance.

  • Hole.io – In this game, you have to enter the arena as a black hole and take part in a war where you will encounter the other holes. You are supposed to eat all that you can find within your sight so that your black hole can expand more and more. The aim of any player in this game is to become the largest hole.
  • Blue – In this popular game, you have to eat cells that are smaller in size than the cell that you represent. Take care that bigger cells do not eat you up! You can get custom skins, MODs, and MMO.
  • Biome3d – This is another similar game where you are supposed to gobble other cells up in order to be the largest one around. Even getting to the top 10 is challenging, which makes the game more addictive to play for many out there.

What are Some Similar Battle Games?

You can play:

  • Paper.io – Here you have to fight others in a 2D snake battle to take control of snakes.
  • Superhex.io – You need to grab free territory here.

All these Splix.io similar games are fun to play.


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